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Critical Business Processes for a Sustainable NAO workshop

Wednesday 12 October 1:30 PM


This workshop is intended for Operators looking to make business improvements and function as more standardized entities, to ensure sustainability. This is defined in the workshop as the ability to maintain or uphold a process over time, without depleting natural or physical resources (including human and financial resources). 

It will explore the need for standardized, consistent and documented approaches to work (processes, procedures, forms, training). During the session we will ask delegates about their current working practices and explore the opportunity with partners that each Award operator could develop more standardized businesses processes, to ensure greater learning, quicker improvement, greater efficiency and higher levels of growth. 

The workshop will require some pre-reading and will be exploring business processes delivered via digital means.

Info for virtual attendees: 

Business Process Framework presentation

For virtual attendees please follow the link below:

Critical Business Processes 1  Meeting ID: 881 5580 0197  Passcode: 278601