Welcome to the city of Cluj

Cluj-Napoca, commonly known as Cluj, is Romania’s second-largest city and the seat of Cluj County in the northwestern part of the country. Geographically, it is roughly equidistant from Bucharest, Budapest and Belgrade.

Cluj is the unofficial capital of Transylvania, and though you (probably) won’t find vampires here, you can explore castles, fortresses, botanical gardens, museums and parks. The city boasts impressive architecture, ranging from Romania’s second-largest Gothic church to baroque buildings and medieval towers, as well as galleries and gardens. It has a vibrant arts scene that embraces both the traditional and the progressive. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy classical concerts, theatrical performances, puppet shows and music of every genre, from jazz to modern pop to electronica. The city, teeming with students and artists, is by turns bookish and bawdy. Bohemian cafes, music festivals and vigorous nightlife are the soul of Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s fourth most populous city.