International Council Report 2018-2022

It is safe to say that the past four years have been a
challenge like no other. As the world has navigated its
way through a global pandemic of a scale not seen in
modern history, we have all been required to adapt at
an exceptional rate.

And the Award family has been no exception. As
lockdowns and restrictions came into force, we were
challenged to find new ways to deliver the Award and
engage our audiences. We know that the Award has a
positive impact on those it touches – and particularly
on mental and physical health and wellbeing – but
during the pandemic we experienced first-hand just
how impactful the framework can be.

We saw young people from all around the world using
the Award to stay fit and healthy and use the time to
develop new skills and competencies. We saw the
Award being used as a way to engage young people
as schools and communities were locked down.
But perhaps most inspiring, was seeing the Award
participants – and our wider Award family – mobilise
and take action to help combat the challenges of
the pandemic in their community.

From making masks to delivering meals; combatting loneliness to
volunteering with health services; Award participants
have been at the forefront, tackling the challenges
of the pandemic head-on. This has been furthered
in our partnership with the Big 6, World Health
Organisation and UN Foundation, through the Global
Youth Mobilization, which has seen us collaborate on
exciting new scales.

This quadrennium we also mark the passing of Her
Majesty The Queen and our Founder, HRH The Duke
of Edinburgh. My abiding memories are of their focus
and engagement on service to the community of
nations, and their commitment to young people. The
support and inspiration they have been to the Award
over the years, all over the world, has been invaluable.
No one left their company without a renewed sense of
purpose. We owe both a huge debt of gratitude.
This report details key activity and points to note from across The Duke of Edinburgh’s
International Award Association between 2018 and 2022. It is provided on behalf of the
International Council.

The International Council has met three times since the close of the last Forum, in Great
Missenden (UK) in 2019 and online in 2020 and 2021. Because of the pandemic, terms of
office for all International Council members, including Emerging Leaders, were extended
to Forum 2022.

Members of the Association were saddened to note the death, after a long illness, of
International Council member Ms Rochelle Josiah in 2021.

Members of Council have discussed and overseen consultation on: digital
transformation; serious incident reporting; the launch of the alumni network; data
collection; the Foundation’s Comprehensive Sustainability Review and its consequences;
Founder’s 100; proposed changes to the Award operating guidelines as a result of the
pandemic; improving socio-political support of the Award; a review of Adventurous
Journey requirements; the future role of Emerging Leaders and the International Gold
Event; the introduction of a levy for National Award Operators; global partnerships and
licences; and the future of regional meetings.

Members of Council have contributed towards the ongoing work on the Award’s Global
Strategy, advised the International Trustees on a range of important developments,
discussed challenges faced by individual Operators and shared good practice.

As we marked what would have been Prince Philip’s
centenary in June 2021, we also launched the Founder’s
100 campaign, with an ambition to raise £25 million to
take the best of the Award internationally and make it
even better.

Thank you to everyone who has supported
the campaign and celebrated HRH’s legacy. With almost
£10 million committed to date and the foundations in
place for funding to begin, I am very excited to see the
start of this new chapter for the Award.

This year, as we gather in Cluj-Napoca, it will feel
perhaps more contemplative than previous Forums. We
have a lot to look back on, but also a huge amount to
look forward to.

This is also my last Forum as Chair of the International
Council. I have so enjoyed working with you all. Thank
you for the contribution you have made to making the
IC the hugely important consultative mechanism it has
become. Your efforts and those of your predecessors
during my term of office have provided the insights and
stimulated the development of the Award in ways that
have left it immeasurably stronger.

Whilst many challenges still lie ahead, I am confident
that we will tackle them together and continue to
demonstrate the vital role that the Award can play in
helping young people to be ready for the world of today
and tomorrow. Thank you, as always, for all your hard
work in making this a reality around the world, every day.

The Rt Hon The Lord Boateng PC DL
Chairman of the International Council